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1. This product is amazing! I have already lost 10 pounds, I feel much better than I used to before I started taking the pills, and my stomach feels less bloated. I also like it how easy the instruction is to follow: you only need to take one pill with 4-8 oz. of water half an hour before you go to sleep. And they have a nice vanilla taste.

2. I have tried many diet pills, but AN is the most effective fat burner I've seen, I'm losing weight really fast! It doesn't even require exercising; you just take a pill before bedtime, and lose weight due to the fat-burning process called thermogenesis. I did some reading to find out about the ingredients contained in this product (like there are actually two active ingredients that help to burn fat: Thermoferrin Lactoferrin and BioPerine. The first one is found in mammals' breast milk, and besides being an antibacterial and antifungal agent, it increases lipid metabolism. The second ingredient is a black pepper extract that helps to transport nutrients to the body. So, the product is natural, and absolutely safe (much safer than many other diet pills, I must admit), unless your body is lactose intolerant.

3. I can't say that it has a dramatic effect on my body - I see no fast weight loss other people report about. However, the product helped me with my digestive issues; my stomach feels less bloated, I feel better in general. I give it 4 stars out of 5.

4. Not only this product didn't help me to lose weight - it actually made me eat more! When being on these pills, I used to wake up at night because of hunger, and I just had to eat something, otherwise I couldn't sleep. Not that I gained weight, but I didn't lose any, the product is totally useless.

5. This is a totally worthless product, that does absolutely nothing, I regret so much about wasting my money on this, and wasting so much time waiting for results. The manufacturers promise that the pill will make you lose weight effortlessly, without any diets and exercising, just take a pill before bedtime, which in itself sounds unrealistic, why was I so stupid to believe in this crap about "magic" weight loss?

6. I bought the pill but I see no significant changes so far, and, luckily, no side effects. So, I started searching for some information about the product, and for feed-back. Honestly, it seems suspicious to me, that the official site of the product doesn't contain any basic company profile, the ingredient list is not disclosed, and the feedback is poor. The producer company does not give money-back guarantee. This all makes the product not really trustworthy, I should've done my research before buying this.

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